Welcome to our little space on the net.  Just like when you move into a new neighborhood or house, we’re still setting up shop and getting our bearings.  But we’re happy that you’ve found us and we hope that you’ll come back and visit us often.

Our mission is to help individuals and small business owners be financially responsible in a rapidly changing world. Our vision is for you to have the knowledge, resources and confidence to reach your full financial potential.  In order to do that, one needs access to education, knowledge and resources.  

Here you will not only find those things, but like minded people who want you to succeed. 

This blog will give us a way to share good tidbits of info with you surrounding both business and personal finances.  Many people have financial questions that they are dying to ask us in our alternate work over at Wilson Rogers & Company.  When we answer one, it tends to spark another and another…well, you get the jist of it.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the day for us to answer everyone’s questions individually, so why not do it en-mass?

So let this be the place where we can keep up to date on your financial education or edutainment if your’re watching our videos! 😉 We strongly believe that many people often receive misinformation when it comes to things like business finances or even personal taxes.  Our hope is that we can be one source (of many) to get accurate and up to date information.  Even if you are not a customer of ours, you deserve to have accurate information that you can take in hand to those who provide services to you (even if it is just yourself).

Well, that is it for now.  We’re currently working at a fever pitch to get everything squared away with this site before we have to force our attention to doing tax work.

And if your curious as to what actually prompted us to create this site and all this content, then click on the image below and watch the YouTube video where Jared talks about it. Since the video was from his YouTube rookie days:

  • We bypassed the beginning of the video so it starts right at the point where Jared tells the story of creating the YouTube channel (which ultimately was being done to roll videos into this site upon completion)
  • Please be patient and kind. He’s a lot more “polished” and faster these days in his delivery! 🤣
Learn the story behind why MMMMS was created in the first place.