With everything being so accessible online, it may feel odd to have to write a check. Something that used to be so necessary is now almost unknown knowledge to today’s generation.  So, if you’re wondering how to write a check with dollars and cents correctly, then check out these six quick steps. Date You can write out the date in word or numerical format listing the Month/Day/Year.  Some will typically use the numerical format. Why? Because it’s faster to write! Payee Write the name of who you’re paying.  Make sure you make it out to the proper person or company AND spell their name correctly. For example, S-H-A-W-N versus S-H-A-U-N.  If you’re not sure who to make it out to or the correct spelling – just ask. Because if you write it wrong, the person can’t deposit it at their bank. Numerical Amount Write the amount to be paid numerically.  Just make sure that you use commas and decimals in the correct place. Written Amount Write out each number position in expanded form like you would in math class. So for example for $1,900.06 we would write One Thousand, Nine Hundred and 06/100 cents versus  Nineteen Hundred and 06/100 cents.