what is a budget? You might find yourself asking, where is all my money going? Sometimes it seems to just slip through your hands. A good solution to get yourself on track with your money habits is creating a budget and sticking to it. A budget is an itemized and detailed plan stating where each dollar is going. This creates guidelines for you to follow in order of priorities or personal goals. For the best results, you want to make sure you are customizing your budget so it fits your daily routines in terms of necessities. Creating a budget can help you develop great money management skills! How Do I Create One? Creating a budget isn’t really a hard task at all.  One just has to review their income and expenses and then put the all of the information in a summary format.  Here are the specific steps: Step 1: Calculate your income The core of your budget starts with your income. That’s because it serves are your key performance metric.  Now what do we mean by that?  Well, if you are spending less than your income, you will be saving and creating wealth.  Spending more than your income?  Well