As we discussed in this post, a budget is a spending plan which can help you become more organized. The purpose of this is meeting your expenses, your personal goals and tracking your income. Starting and maintaining a budgeting plan takes a lot of self-control and discipline which can be managed through organizing your money and being consistent.  But is there such a thing as an “ideal” budget?  Well, we think there is! Creating your ideal budget An ideal budget tries to align your spending to what is normal or considered typical for an American household.  For example, does it seem “normal” to spend 75% of your monthly income on housing?  We don’t think so either!  So an ideal budget will try and align the spending of your income along the following categories: Now after knowing what an ideal budgeting plan looks like, go out and find all your sources of income. This can include your salary, investments (such as savings account, money market account, or mutual fund), passive income (such as rent income), and retirement income. After determining your total income divide it into the previous categories and start looking to see if the numbers seem reasonable and achievable.