Looking for how to save money buying a new car? Not trying to get taken for a ride while getting your new ride?  Wanna know the best time to buy a new car so you get massive savings? Great, then keep reading as we’ll answer those questions and share 5 tips on how to save money when buying a new car! TIME THE MODEL YEAR New models are typically delivered to dealers in the Fall, which gives them an incentive to get rid of the prior model years.  So, if you want a 2022 model, get it after the 2023 model is released.  Dealers typically discount prices at that time to make room on the lot or in the showroom. Another little known trick? Buy a demo or certified pre-owned vehicle.  Demo vehicles are typically used only for test drives or as a loaner. Which means that you can luck up on a demo that has low miles AND a discounted price.  Further more, many leased cars are returned with low miles and you may find one that is less than 1 year old when you go shopping.   KNOW THE BEST TIME TO SAVE What is the absolute BEST