You might find yourself asking why you were not approved for a loan or credit card. That decision was made based on many factors. Some of those reasons might be because there is a history of not paying on time, you do not have any credit yet, or you are adding too much debt into your accounts.  If you are looking to improve your credit score, I will be listing some tips as well as what goes into your score. Ultimately you can use these to see how you can get an 800+ credit score!  First, we will be breaking down the categories that are used to determine your score. Credit Score History Payment History- 35% 35% of your score is made up of your payment history. The largest portion of the score is going into whether you are paying on time or not. Make those payments on time! If you find that hard to do, set a reminder somewhere visible for you and put it a couple days prior to the due date. Credit Utilization-30% Another big chunk of your credit score goes into a ratio. This ratio is determined on how much credit you have available vs