Did you ever wonder about some of the mistakes made when filing old taxes? I mean, what do people commonly mess up on? Well in this video we talk about two mistakes that are commonly made: Filling All Unfiled Returns Not Reporting All Your Income Making mistakes on your tax return can cost you money. You may miss out on a larger refund than you claimed, wind up owing more taxes (plus interest and penalties) or invite an audit from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The best defense against results like these is a good offense: avoiding making errors on your return in the first place! Now, at the end of that video we mention that we have a FREE DOWNLOAD for those who want it.  The download?  5 Mistakes People Make When Filing Old Tax Returns.  It discusses not only the two mistakes mentioned in this video, but 3 others, one of which could get you audited by the IRS! To grab your FREE copy of the download simply head on over to the courses page OR click on the image above.